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Slab leak repair services

Water Slab Leak Repair Services to Protect Your Home

Did the pipe below your home's foundation burst? Get it fixed before it causes more damage to your property. Save yourself from steep maintenance costs. Hire the professionals at Strain Plumbing Company, Inc. to get the job done right the first time.

Effective Slab Leak Repair Services

Finding water in the floor and can't find the source?  Finding a hot spot on the floor?  A slab leak might be one of the reasons.  We have all the right tools and expertise to fix the problem effectively with minimal damage to your home.  The hole in the piping under the foundation might be very small, but can cause major water damage.

  • Water slab leak repair

  • Sewer slab leak repair

  • Hydrostatic sewer testing

  • Line rerouting

We do minimal invasive

repairs when possible.

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A very small pinhole in the copper pipe

If you suspect that the water pipe under the flooring of your home has burst, don't wait until the condition worsens. Hire us to replace the pipe and fix the slab leak. We're a family owned business with almost 40 years of experience.